Chitgar Islamic Island

  • Client: Tehran Municipality
  • Project location: Tehran,Iran
  • Design start date: 2013 May
  • Construction start date: 2013 Jun
Chitgar Islamic Island


Conceptual Design

Project status up to now: 

Tender Issue


The philosophy design of chitgar manmade Island was formed in a new era of contemporary religious design in 2013. TTBP Architects’ concept attempts to fuse the introverted privacy of the traditional complex of mosque and supplementary buildings with various functions with the open public spaces now popular in contemporary civic design. The focal point is a simple, pixelated concrete shape, employing a subtle use of light that transforms the mosque into an urban lantern in Chitgar artificial lake by night. Within the mosque, the architects employ minimal ornamentation and indirect natural light to help carve out a spatial experience. The exterior will be clad in natural stone and structured by folds, friezes, and decorative entrance portals as well as calligraphy, a classic design element in mosque architecture.The proposal utilizes the natural elements like light and water in a contemporary way, forming an ambiguous and spiritual facet of the Supreme Being; A divine sense of connection between human and god. This project is located in one of the third part of Chitgar lakes so called Marjan. Area land comprises about 220 hectare of the region no. 22 in west part of Tehran.