In respect to the special stance of private sector, and particularly engineering ser vices in technical and executive sectors of the country and in the direction of the 2nd and 6th lines of the countr y’s 20 years outlook, TTBP, to play the 1st grade engineering operation, designing, constructing, and transferring new technologies and sciences, and localizing it in substructures city developing, has made industr y and its human resources as the main goal and as a developmental of its capacities in mentioned sectors, will expor t engineering and technical ser vices and deepening its footsteps in the region and also in other international areas.


The long-term main pivotal goals of TTBP includes: efficiency, competing stance, work force training and their relations, leading technology and other public responsibilities. The main topics of outlook strategies that include centralizing increase, market development, innovation, integration, investment, strategic treaties and joint venture. As a leading guide to reach long-term goals and modernizing them will be highly regarded.