Baghdad Athletic City

  • Client: Ministry of Sports and Youth Iraq, Engineering Department.
  • Project location: Baghdad,Iraq
  • Design start date: 2012 Mar
  • Construction start date: 2015 Dec
Baghdad Athletic City

EPC Contractor:
Boland Payeh company
Project status up to now:
Under Construction

A successful green-goal urban project located in a flat land that was used to be a vast garbage area of about 129 hectare in the suburbs of Baghdad. Main purpose to improve culture, urbanization, environment, function, life style, health and hygiene of the region. To satisfy the functional requirements of both Olympic and world cup sports events and the organization of other smaller and larger scale events and concerts. With the goal of expanding youth activities and interests and also to expand the infrastructure of sport in the republic of Iraq, the decision was made on the establishment of stadium with a capacity of 60,000 spectators in the city of Baghdad including all services according to technical requirements of FIFA. Therefore, the American Hill international Inc. held a tender competition on behalf of client. Bolandpayeh with TTBP proposal attended and competitively enabled to won the tender between many international EPC contractors. The project started on 2011 in Baghdad. The working included as well as the main stadium, design and execution of the gates and roads leading to the stadium, three 500 seats training stadium, a 2,000 seats stadium and a 4 star hotel and all other works suitable to maintenance this athletic city (turnkey job) including execution design for specializations (architectural, constructional, electrical, mechanical, safety and security, waste management, communication, BMS, and electronic systems) in modernist ways and methods. It should satisfy the functional requirements of both world cup and Olympic sports events and the organization of other smaller and larger scale events and concerts. TTBP accepted responsibility of engineering and arranged a group of well experienced Iranian architects and engineers to follow the highest international standards like 2012 IBC code and commentary and 5th edition 2011 football stadiums FIFA technical recommendations and requirements to accomplish FIFA ratification and eventually TTBP Co. has this honor that did this mission professionally and achieved FIFA approval. Currently, the design process was totally completed and construction process is underway. The project physical progress is almost 40%. Due to lack of safety and security problems and according to time schedule update results, the final estimated deadline for the project completion and operation date is by late 2018.